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Urban Flyers first began their venture into drone technology in 2017 at a time when there was a huge demand for unique projects targeting the youth in the local community.

A team of young people and their youth worker discovered a gap in the sciences and technology, and became fascinated with the fundamentals involved in drones - from its electronic components, to its science and robotics.

What started off as a small pilot, rapidly developed into a community organisation determined and passionate about helping others to access, learn and create with drone technologies - not only for fun, but also for education, employment, volunteering and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Today Urban Flyers has expanded to offer a wide range of services and work with the education sector, youth and public services, community groups, charities, local councils and businesses across London and the UK.

Our services include:


        Drone Piloting Workshops

        Educational STEM Workshops


        Surveying (services & workshops)

        3D Mapping (services & workshops)

        Aerial Photography & Videography

        Film & Music Video Productions

        Business and Corporate Marketing

        Drone Entertainment (for celebrations & events)


Our employability scheme means young people aged 14+ can access volunteering, whilst those aged 16+ will have access to jobs and career development through working with Urban Flyers and our external partners.


We offer a range of opportunities including:


        Referrals for Drone Licensing Programmes

        CV construction and interview techniques

        Job opportunities

        Volunteering roles

        Work experience

        Social Media Marketing Officer

Contact us for the latest roles and opportunities available.

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